Custom order - individually designed to your home, office or for personalised gifts

Besides our unique hand-made collections, NAOMIPELI offers custom-design and production of ceramics. We create something special for particular occasions, exceptional people, extraordinary places in order to help you create a memorable and lasting experience.

We design decorative objects for living places such as community areas, hotels, spa & wellness centers and restaurants to enrich the atmosphere with state-of-the-art flower vases, hangers, wall or oasis plant pots and installations. Any design elements bring along the identity of our customers where company colours and visuals are reflected in our carefully designed objects with conscious blending of inspiring colours, geometries, organic or modern compositions.

Please keep in mind the nature of working with ceramics and count a minimum of 4 weeks for a small project with us. Depending of the scale of the assignment, it can also run for several months from design to production and completion until NAOMIPELI art is taking shape at your place. Since clay needs to dry out first, which can be from several days up to months, then we do something called ‘biscuit’ when the sculptured objects are being baked at a high temperature of 970 Celsius. In the next phase they are being painted and baked again, this time at around at 1040-1300 Celsius (depending on the type of clay/glaze being used) until they are ready in their final form.

Please use the below online form to get in touch with us. We will try to get back to you within the next working day or two.

Business gifts - Let art become the nature of business

If you are looking for truly unique business gifts for your partners, clients or colleagues – you may offer them NAOMIPELI ceramics that represent exclusivity and high value added with their beauty and functional nature.

A carefully chosen gift will always impress and talk to the receiving party. Our beautifully designed and hand-made products will support you to carry the message of your high-standards and care-taking, and thus contribute to establish and maintain great relationships. Ceramics offer a special opportunity to manifest your corporate visual identity and make your brand strongly stand out.

Please use the online form to get in touch with us. We will try to get back to you within the next working day or two.