Find your harmony and do it with passion.

A simple message: discover harmony within the smallest things around and bring passion into your everyday life. NAOMIPELI ceramics add a new meaning to simple, functional objects. Each and every hand-made piece, just as any ceramics, has spirit, and are there to make a colourful difference in our daily routine, to enrich our life and to offer a bit of hidden luxury with the most simple things.


Quality, unique, hand-made contemporary design jewelry based on the combination of simple shapes and harmonic colours. Inspiration to create them comes from nature, art, literature, music, cultures and unlimited source of emotions. The objects are made of sustainable material; mostly high-fire stoneware and porcelain. Many times during production, making the ceramics part is only the beginning of the process, their final appearance is determined by combining them with leather, wood or other material. NAOMIPELI jewelry is focussed on FEMININE nature rather than actual fashion trends. A real woman has style. She is original, in harmony with herself, and this reflected on her appearance. NAOMIPELI jewelry are accentual, attire though not intrusive. They are comfortable, ageless, radiate happiness and  inner strength.


As an ongoing exploration with various shapes, techniques, and natural accessories to her ceramics in the ‘Ceramics&Leather’ collection, the artist offers aromatherapy diffusers, special flower hangers and bespoke ‘botanical perfume’ jewelry, all combined with genuine leather inserts. The signature item of the NAOMIPELI collection is the flower hanger with changeable leather straps that is designed to hold the visually stunning special air plants. The idea of this innovative decor element is to fully meet the delicate caretaking needs of this plant that grows without soil.


Raku (楽焼) is a type of Japanese pottery originally used by a Japanese tea master and his family in Kyoto who produced hand-moulded decoration objects, but mostly tea bowls for use in the traditional wabi-styled tea ceremony. It was not a traditional method, as their hand-shaped pieces were baked in low firing temperatures and removed from the kiln while still glowing hot. Then the pieces were allowed to cool in the open air, or they were put into water. This way interesting effects are achieved in terms of the glaze color as well as the amount of crackles being randomly developed and thus each piece becomes completely unique. This traditional process is still applied and magnificent pieces are being created, however, contemporary artists fully re-define raku objects when using the same techniques.

Ancient Japanese technique in Scandinavian style – Raku from NAOMIPELI is often wheeled, they are ultimately simplified in terms of shape, and laid-back with colours.

It is the marriage of the soul with Nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination (Henry David Thoreau)

One of the main source of inspiration to the NAOMIPELI collections is Nature itself. Nature boosts imagination and lavishly nurtures creativity.

Some of the collections are based on Eastern traditions from China, Japan and India. All ancient wisdom have its own unique elements and distinguished position. NAOMIPELI Ceramics unite these characteristics, and they find their unique independent voice by combining innovative technologies and natural materials.


Functionally Valuable

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

Whether its is a vase, a flower pot, a wall picture, or installation, a jewellery set or an aromatherapy collection from NAOMIPELI, they all root in the fusion of skills, proficiency, art and design. Breaking through the boundaries of existing objects of mass production filling our society, NAOMIPELI campaigns for the individual product value born and supported through community approach.


NAOMIPELI Ceramics are being made exclusively from natural material free from harmful ingredients. They are made of porcelain, earthenware, pottery clay, grog clay using raku techniques and various different glazing methods to achieve their final state and look.

The Art of Infinity

One of the secrets behind the beauty of ceramics lies in the infinite possibilities of base material and technology used. Very often it takes years after years until a series of explorations lead to a special colour, shape, decoration and reaches its final form. A combination of other natural materials like leather, wood, textile, the playful dance of light and shadow, the use of led or candle light, all opening new dimensions when experiencing NAOMIPELI Ceramics.


NAOMIPELI Ceramics will soon be available for you to purchase in our online shop. Meanwhile, please look around to get familiar with our collections and find the piece dear to your heart. For individual bespoke ceramics, special interior design installations and other services please get in touch with us.