Passion to create pure harmony

Noemi started her journey with ceramics more than 7 years ago, parallel to her daytime profession as a business development and marketing communications specialist. She has been learning from Laszlo Illes, a distinguished ceramic artist in Hungary. Over the years, initial hobby ceramics has become an integral part of Noemi’s daily life, partly thanks to the influence of her master. She established her own workshop in 2014.

Each and every piece is unique, hand-made or thrown object. She features minimalist and functional Scandinavian design, but also enjoys creating decoration artwork using the Japanese raku technique. Essential inspiration comes from nature, the floral world and Japanese ikebana flower arrangements.

A long time ago

Ceramics is my long-time love. I was about 10 when I first touched clay. I spent my time shaping little sculptures, reliefs and painting glazed ceramic pictures for years. Creative pursuit has always been my way of living and had its significant role in each phase of my life. I used it as building blocks to create, as well as the source of energy in my business career. Still, life took me on a long and winding road until I returned to the love of my childhood, to this amazingly handy material with limitless possibilities that I discovered in my early ages.

Step by step

When I finally set my adult life goal to let myself immerse in the mystery of ceramics art, it took me seven hard-working years with compromises and sacrifices to dare and share my creations with a wilder audience. All along with my professional carrier and taking good care of my family, thousands of nights working on designs, hundreds of weekends of wheeling, workshops, book reading, journals, inspiring journeys and art adventures, slowly-slowly I have come along to acquire the tools of the trade, to gain a lot of experience and define my own style within the scene of this wonderful art.

The journey

Ceramics have gradually seeped into my life, reshaped me and transformed me completely. Ceramics streamlined my personal development and helped to become more whole as a person. All this very gently, almost unnoticed, week after week seasoned with teachings. Next to my daytime (over)work, next to my family, it managed to opened new dimensions for me. Every day and every moment is a joy and an exciting new opportunity to fully experience and live the process of creation. And with it the creation of harmony. I wish my ceramics would bring along this feeling, I wish they would talk and touch the ones who get in touch with them.


Derived from Earth, formed with Water, brought to life by Fire, and touched by Air. Ceramics have a living Spirit. Our whole world is hidden in every piece. Connection with clay formed my life and my mind as well. Helped me to discover the beauty in every moment.
Let my ceramics be your companion and also remind you to the harmony you can find and live in your own life. Allow the ceramics transfer their harmony and become one with yours.